Many members of staff have been employed by the company all of their lives, with a good number having more than 30 years experience and indeed generations of their family before them worked for Entaco. Ever heard of them? Durably constructed with large eyes to accommodate multiple embroidery thread strands and round blunt ends to glide between fabrics and yarns without tearing or splitting fibers, this pack of six tapestry hand needles are a must-have for sewing enthusiasts. I’ve recently been using Bohins and really, really like them. Toggle navigation. It just occurred to me that just because the MACHINES are the same, that does not mean that the quality will remain the same. 3.7 out of 5 stars 10 ratings. I am a professional costumer. The original John James factory appeared listed as a business for the first time in an 1860 directory of the Redditch area. Packed and inspected in England using needles made in China to European quality and specification. var addydba2b5cc8b79561bb13165b61a2b2a16 = 'sales' + '@'; Currently unavailable. They are solid, very smooth, strong and maintain their quality and usability, making it easier to work and more enjoyable throughout the stitching. Sunny day, here in Paris, after weeks of rain ! Not sure what needles to recommend for quilting, I believe they use a betweens? I live in England and you absolutely cannot buy the Richard hemmings needles here, which is a shame, as I agree they are the best, but, in California stock them, I ordered some recently and they came quicker than a book I had ordered from a retailer in the uk on the same day! Bordesley Abbey, founded in 1156, about a mile north of Redditch, was probably the earliest foothold of our industry in the Redditch area. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; He specialised in industrial needles and tools - in particular, sailmaking needles and other ship's chandlery. The needles are made with blunt points to minimize the splitting of threads when stitching. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching, too. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Help. John James Needles is a great British brand you can be proud of. Even today these packs are as popular as ever and can be found alongside work baskets and sewing boxes all over the world. The chinese could use a diferent (cheaper)quality of materials to make the needles, meaning they will be not be the same. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The name of John James Needles is still recognised by needle crafters around the globe and is renowned for quality and reliability. 4.5 out of 5 stars 30 ratings. Create beautiful cross stitch projects easily and quickly when you use the John James Tapestry Hand Needles Size 28 Pack of 6. Six needles per card (5 for size 28). ...dates back circa 300 years. John James was formed in 1840 and registered in 1902. The John James Crafters Collection Embroidery Needle Pack is ideal for beginners and advanced stitchers alike. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! For many of the needles we carry we can special order larger quantities. OUR HERITAGE...dates back circa 300 years. John James Needles Entaco LimitedUnit 90Washford Industrial EstateRedditchWorcestershireB98 0EA. Get the best deals on John James Size 10 Sewing Needles and find everything you'll need to make your crafting ideas come to life with $2.79 New. To view your order status and make changes to your account. At John James needles, we have history dating back to the very start of needle manufacture in the Elsewhere I have read that the needles are made in China and not of the quality of the original needles made in England. CountryStittches. In the past, I have always bought English needles because they were the best. package of 12 Quilting Betweens BIG EYE Hand Needles Size 10 JJ12510 John James perfect for hand quilting made in England. NEE-TJJ198T. John James Tapestry Needles Size 18/22 Pack of 6 Cross Stitch Embroidery Aida. May you experience many hours of delight and creativity using John James finest quality needles. From shop CountryStittches. Tapestry Needles: John James Tapestry Needles. John James JG12012 Gold Plated Quilting Needles, size 10, 22mm long Lot Of 6 Specifically designed for quilters, the short length of these needles allows you to stitch far faster than when using an ordinary needle. John James Size 10 Tapestry Needles x16 Sewing Embroidery New. My experience with these needles which are now made in China differs greatly. I use Jean Lysle needles and I like them, too. These needles are designed for and are fantastic to use with beads, pearls and sequins and they are particularly useful in the package of 20 Quilting Betweens Hand Needles Size 9 JJ12009 John James perfect for hand quilting made in England CountryStittches. John James needles are made of the highest quality iron alloys. The name John James is synonymous with the very best of needle manufacture, quality and reliability. The first evidence of needle making in its more conventional form was to be found in various monasteries and ecclesiastical centres throughout the county. Its a good thing I am doing some homework before buying my supplies. I will be careful in the future. The name of John James is still recognised by needle crafters around the globe and is renowned for quality and reliability. The size 3 & size 5 needles have an eye that is … Many size ranges already discontinued but there is a mention of “Loose” needles being available under “Needle Compact”. That so many (needles) should go forth into the world from one house is wonderful enough....but the making ready for sale exhibits a miracle of dexterity”. I have heard they aren’t any more. I definitely think that needles make a big difference. John James Tapestry Needles Size 26 from John James. They still claim to be. Unfortunately not. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks. John James is a trading name of Entaco, a company famous worldwide for the manufacture of specialised hand sewing needles and tools. Entaco Limited is a privately owned British company based in Redditch, Worcestershire an area known as the Needle Capital of the World. John James Needles - Beading Needles Beading sewing needles are very fine, long straight needles with long eyes made from the finest steel wire and are expertly crafted. Thank you for the information. Professional Needle Collection-assorted 100/pkg John James Part JJ2000SP. $2.75. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';
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