The headphone output was now recessed, the USB port changed from mini to micro, the high/low gain moved from the bottom of the device to the rear-end. Comments required. The new ADC digital volume control of the FiiO K3 revealed a very accurate and precise sensitivity to the knob regulation. The all-metal construction and the sandblasting process results in a pearled-black finish that adds to the clean aesthetics. It comes in a white box that keeps the DAC/Amp securely in place and added are only the bare essentials such as the data cable, 2 sets of anti-slip pads (only one set pictured, as I had the other set already installed on the K3… Sadly, for the past years FiiO … The aluminium feels and looks premium, there is no gap anywhere to be found, the plugs are perfectly aligned and the volume knob is so well made I mistook it for a plastic one… although it’s full-aluminium made. Sure, if you see it from far it looks like the same monobloc DAC you were already used to. Here, you will get the answer to How long can you keep money in Cash app to buy bitcoins. The Q1, on the other hand, is ideally designed for on the go use with your mobile device. Let’s put it to the test. The K3 and Q3 look quite similar and both offer a USB-C connection, denoted by “3” as well. The FiiO K3 features include advanced options such as: FiiO K3 weight in Ounces and FiiO K3 weight in grams. In term of design, the new FiiO range is nearly faultless, even though the FiiO M9 in my opinion is the ugly duckling of the lot. Compatibility. The output connectors of the FiiO K3, have the following technical specifications: Balanced Headphone out specifications(2.5mm TRRS port), RELATED TO THIS: Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Reviews. Is it up for the task ?  We are reviewing the FiiO K3, a freshly released headphone amplifier and USB DAC with a tiny size, impressive specs but super affordable price. RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: Headphones Frequency Response Curves, SEE ALSO: KZ Headphones Frequency Response Curves, YOU WILL ALSO LIKE: Amazon Coupons & Deals, MORE:  Gearbest Coupons – Discounts – Deals – Promo Codes – Sales Deals, SEE ALSO: Banggood Coupons – Discounts – Deals – Promo Codes – Sales Deals, SEE ALSO: Aliexpress Coupons – Discounts – Deals – Promo Codes – Sales Deals, MORE: Single Dynamic Driver Earphones Reviews, Model No. The FiiO K3 offers one of the best affordable bang for buck Amp/DAC combo to date and is, yet, another great example of how much FiiO can pack at affordable prices - without leaving out specs nor performance. hi i want to buy and use it for hd58x jubilee , its good for this can ? FiiO K3 Review - Strong essences are kept in small bottles. In 2011, FiiO launched one of its most iconic products: the FiiO E10 Olympus. Personnaly, I’d go for the K3 if it’s for a desktop use. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This will be my first DAC/AMP btw. With all these outputs, the FiiO K3 can be your main interface to connect all your gear to. I want to use a Headphone Dac/amplifier for my laptop just to improve the sound when listening to YouTube etc. But, im curious how the k3 compared to ifi nano bl? Despite the brand’s statement, we decided to test and measure the Bass Boost performance and our FiiO K3 frequency response measurements verified that, indeed, it provides +6dB on the most efficient boosting range and starts to gradually cut-off above 125Hz to keep the sound clean and clear. FiiO K3 with 1MORE headphone. Founded in 2007, FiiO now is a major brand in hi-fi circles, offering a wide range of audiophile products. Basically, it is as simple as plug-and-play. Get the latest reviews on your favorite social network, ✅ ADC volume control with no channel imbalance, ✅ High output power, up to 320mW (16ohm) – doubling the power output of the FiiO E10K. i have fiio e10k it does produce “poop”sound when i plugging my iem even in zero potensio ( idk what caused this and im afraid it will harm to my iem), Fortunately I didn’t hear any pooping (like the word) with the K3. 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