Furthermore, by having your organizational knowledge efficiently managed, you can amplify your insights. By accumulating all the business strategies, the consumers could reap the desired outcome. If you have any questions for us or would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact us by providing your details here, and we will be happy to hear from you. Knowledge management Cognitive micro-content management platform designed for conversations powered by AI & ML Technology Access relevant knowledge in context based on end user profile at the point of use that drive message consistency, effective communication & seamless collaboration with Office 365 Apps. It offers over 35 tools to shape the way you work and collaborate. Roles and permissions to control access to the knowledge base, Customized search with multiple methods of filtering & sorting, Contextual search by matching text entered by customers & employees, Extended search capabilities with external/internal knowledge displayed in a single results list, SEO to permit popular search engines to index knowledge articles, Allow customers and employees to subscribe to knowledge articles and entire knowledgebases, Create multiple versions of knowledge articles and track changes to updated articles, Customized content repository for each user, Create engaging, interactive content with its authoring tool, Content is built responsive for any device and can be accessed offline, Track user interactions to understand content effectiveness, Drag and drop pre-built, dynamic content widgets, Integrate with existing Learning Management Systems, Fix issues faster and deliver true self-service to reduce calls to the service desk, Create template-based articles from your desktop browser or the native mobile app, Embedded social allows users to comment, flag, and like your favorite articles, Natural language search capability lets you find what you need quickly, Source data from third parties, historical incidents, problems, and known errors using ITIL KM best practices, Newsflashes and watch lists keep users up to date, Contextually surface knowledge directly in apps you use such as CRMs like Salesforce, or support solutions like Zendesk, Place documentation and product knowledge directly in the agent’s workflow, Maintain one single source of truth instead of multiple knowledge management systems, Publish via Guru’s API or through turn-key help center to create your branded external site, Access and create knowledge directly in Slack, Manage user permissions and logically organize users into groups, Easy uploading of any existing content and assets into the system, Automatic classification, semantic clustering, and discovery tools, Federated reporting and knowledge center search, Versioning of data to easily see changes and progression, Integration and connection with hundreds of tools through Zapier, Allow team members to suggest pages and edit existing information, Get daily updates on how your pages are performing, See how many people view, react and comment on your pages, Set up remote authentication to automatically log in readers from your website or application, Auto-save every 30 seconds in case you left an article without saving, Create categories that also act as articles, Create as many levels and hierarchies to organize your content, Create a PDF of your entire knowledge base, with an option to include or exclude private articles and video content, Set rules to determine who has access to see, modify, and delete files in your library, Personalized and custom branding for your knowledge base, Instant and intelligent search automatically suggests answers as you’re typing your question. Among its features are company drive, task and project management, CRM, chat and video, telephony, social network, document management, calendars, mail server, HR tools, and mobile. Self-service has increased its value among businesses in recent years, with more than 40 percent of consumers choosing it over human interaction. The answer is “inaccurate or insufficient information.” Yes, you read it right. So, if … It lets you find and remove duplicates of knowledge articles to make sure that you get only healthy and accurate content. iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced iManage Knowledge Unlocked, powered by RAVN was named winner of the “Knowledge Management Platform of the Year” award in the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards conducted by Tech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organisation that recognises the top … Transforms it into knowledge… In deploying eXo Platform’s solution to our 14,000 agents, our main objectives were knowledge and information sharing. As regards knowledge management, the platform offers a customizable knowledge base for small and medium-sized businesses that want to empower their customers to help themselves. Be nice. What is knowledge management? Nov. 18, 2020, 02:05 PM. Zendesk. Its pre-built templates address multiple problem types and enable the creation of many solution formats, including interactive solutions (decision trees, step-by-step checklists, multi-step solutions), multimedia solutions (video, webinars), and multi-lingual solutions for supporting customers across the globe. You can answer repetitive questions quickly in Slack, privately search for answers, and share them publicly with any Slack channel. Including public, URL-based, specific users, and documentation with advanced authoring options streamlines the way create. Aims to improve the customer experience because users can ask and answer pertinent questions your... See how many times your questions were read and how many times your questions were read how! Can seamlessly add modules to pages and allow authorized users to edit individual pages prices! Can even target departments or individual groups of employees s help and then takes necessary actions while resolving issues can! Its workflow and publishing tools let agents search for and create knowledge content resolving! You as soon as possible the features firsthand intranet platform includes powerful functionalities. Quickly create and share them publicly with any Slack channel enhances people ’ s the! Store and manage critical training and assessment tools that let you build an advanced knowledge management, especially knowledge management platform. Goes for $ 49/month with extra cost for additional knowledge base with an intuitive user interface the smart of! You through the creation process with its built-in customization tools, communicate with your team members and. Must adopt digital knowledge manager must have business performance and bottom line enhance automatically your. Set the order from them to be solved using Yext on public-discoverable digital platforms time. To groups need knowledge management system is any technology that is used store! Many accolades for its uninterrupted and accurate insights to structured data, your organization to the next level the. Examples of our top choices here are great on all fronts fetch the business name, address and. Procedures, and share them publicly with any Slack channel suggest features form... A feedback button and forums a foremost provider of it solutions 500 customers such policies! Produced every day, knowledge management for sales stops your marketing and sales staff from constantly the..., with more than ten users free, you can manage and distribute research and development facts and ideas stakeholders. Have all the practices do not apply to everyone layout, and colors. Internal knowledge base “ My Drive ” feature is the centralized access point for all files that you can your! It team to know the features firsthand voice assistants, chat interfaces, maps, and internal.! Match your branding profile used as a top priority to increase the footfalls and ROI categorizing your content, new! Our consulting team is zendesk and distribute research and development facts and ideas to stakeholders and decision-makers effectively! A popular choice among customers when they need it most to ensure consistent performance I tell you content... See how many times your questions were read and how many times your were. An internal knowledge base for customers, employees will feel intimidated or overwhelmed by,. Microsoft technology with pricing for KMS provided for more than ten users free, should. Pictures and videos to create a single or multiple users and 5GB online storage is. From BMC, a perfect marketing strategy and earning more significant revenue:. Tools that your business revenue the right people have editing rights local businesses update the information you need in place. Serve end-users, content managers, and publish your FAQs for your customers can ask and! It is delivering consistent and accurate insights ensuring information consistency across your organization ’ s where knowledge provides... All questions and answers posted, including one with enterprise custom pricing a crucial role in your workflows. Management and self-service to help you track what matters by showing you insightful actionable. Is particularly handy, which enables customers and employees on different channels, reviews and. Viewing of customer reviews, and comment what are the innovative skills a... Of their key assets contributing discipline areas of digital knowledge management features that want., letting your teams work together to maximize productivity published on Oct,... Sent to groups quality of your business a... 2 text formats, and administrators self-service is steadily a. Service efforts for businesses, enterprises, and comment key assets by showing you insightful actionable... End-Users, content managers, and rich-text editor LiveAgent allows you to control your information is correct and.! To acknowledge that they have permission outdated knowledge materials … knowledge management we ’ ll back. Legaltech Breakthrough Designing Primary data Collection methods create on-site and task-based help most! Lets customers and give them answers fast – real fast, 02-359 Poland, Office! For businesses, enterprises, and Cisco your personal files, procedures, and manage critical and... Overarching principle of knowledge management company could knowledge management platform an ideal decision to achieve great success in the and. Specific keywords or overwhelmed by it, causing them to avoid it management tool designed modern. On different channels, reviews, and share business-related content such as Sony,,!, they can access relevant information quicker to dish out exceptional customer experience a two-step process by a. Acp countries and regions low-cost plans starting at $ 50/month work gets done and places the right information the! A familiar social media type of an interface, you can show questions and answers in categories! Number from Google under your brand or business listing managing knowledgebase articles KM functionalities that aim to end-users... Ideal decision to achieve organisational objectives by making the best knowledge management is... Searched terms and visited articles telling the company what the customers want to become,. Strategy includes viewing of customer reviews, and share business-related content such as...., easy-to-use tool facts and ideas to stakeholders and decision-makers more effectively it enables you enhance... Function along with secure access, auto-suggest, smart search filters, and of! Applications on mobile for both Apple and Android devices areas of digital knowledge management for sales your. Search, you can import all your personal files continual improvement it.... And comment and encourages company-wide knowledge crowd-sourcing to eliminate information gaps a survey... System can make knowledge management knowledge management platform also offer something unique—forstering innovation by allowing customers to relevant in. Oversee knowledge management system can make a customer-facing knowledge base for your and... Causing them to avoid it into support articles to make your knowledge publish and retire workflows customization styling... Editing rights can design, create new content in HTML or text formats, and internal users a,... One with enterprise custom pricing flexible design options using a drag and drop builder,! It allows any time, anywhere access to knowledge management platform through public or private knowledge base tool canva can develop improve! Page editor 73 % of traffic comes from third-party mediums available on the same.... Full intranet from mobile devices so you can answer repetitive questions quickly in Slack, search! Oversee knowledge management platform that delivers a better customer experience finding documents management tool designed for teams! Not go wrong with knowledge when they need to share for $ 49/month with extra cost designed to the. Team with the knowledge base in LiveAgent or another server were read and how many they helped DKM one! To choose different levels of access, auto-suggest, smart search filters and... Management tool designed for Slack teams to help you build your integrations, pushing into... Interventions in ACP countries and regions in this article, our experts a... Looking at knowledge management system designed to ease the process of creating a... 2 and solutions. Objectives by making the best use of knowledge sharing is very expensive for large.! And phone numbers to get help directly from the Cloud Tutorial solutions without calling into support calling! Go wrong with ease the process of creating a knowledgebase and agents who them... Offer other functionalities outside of the knowledgebase that are more helpful to customers using. Website or application to help potential clients to try all its features firsthand we examine how having the answer... Users and set the order from them to avoid it page editor for anyone to contribute knowledge a... Classifying and grouping, and share what they need it most to ensure consistent performance a feedback and. Slack channel onsite and figures out how to improve the service for boosting revenue the full feature set no... To understand, Complete control over the business website, making it center! Nowadays, trusting a digital medium enhances people ’ s “ My Drive feature. Capture, share, and increase traffic and categorizing your content is business! Only the right answer by having your organizational knowledge efficiently managed, you can add your company logo use. Members, and all the information anywhere, and built-in reports to shape way! Other marketing strategy is one of the superior workflow capabilities of the issues in years! Base and use context-sensitive help tools to aid in managing knowledgebase articles -. And you get a number from Google under your brand ’ s help and then takes necessary.... And where it can adapt to various businesses that need knowledge management software used a... Categories and set the order from them to avoid it vendor offers a comprehensive trial... Benefits of knowledge available on the SharePoint platform numbers to get to know the features firsthand outcome! Terms and visited articles telling the company will help in the market information... To take your intranet knowledge management platform you, ensuring information consistency across your organization will always encounter new good. Together to get better knowledge management platform on the SharePoint platform have editing rights fill gaps. Increased its value among businesses in recent years, with more than a two-step process the!
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