There are 2 types of membership: Agency and Agent. Many suppliers now require that you have an IATA card, CLIA card or other proof of being a bonafide travel advisor before they will extend discounts to you. Book at www.Centrav.comor by … IATA's 76th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 24 November 2020. FAMTRAVELFORME.COM provides … ... (International Air Transport Association), we can provide you with an easy way to subscribe to a global registration program called TIDS (Travel Industry Designator Service) at a discounted price. Obtaining an IATA number also requires turning in an application and paying an accreditation fee. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to get your own CLIA number—you can always go under an umbrella organization like a host agency. Cruising offers the BIG commissions, plus CLIA membership brings you a whole other level of travel … To qualify for CLIA Individual Agent Membership (IAM), your affiliated agency must be a current CLIA Travel Agency Member. CLIA Requirements: CLIA/EMBARC card is a calendar year expiration card. EMBARC IDs are most often used for proof that you're a seller of travel for industry events such as trainings, seminars at sea, or FAM (familiarization) trips. Enter the star of this post: the CLIA number. If you are an umbrella organization such as a host agency or a storefront with employees, you'll have to choose the agency membership option. The one thing to remember about the CLIA number is that, while it is accepted nearly everywhere, it's NOT accepted by the airlines. If you want to … You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest as 'iamstephly'. IATA is a trade association representing the world’s airlines and 83% of total air traffic. Find out all about this major event in the world of aviation. Centrav provides an online tool to help agents determine what should be the maximum mark-up, based on unique market conditions. She's insatiably curious, loves her pups Rygy and Fennec, and -- in case you haven't noticed -- is kinda quirky. All rights reserved. IATA, TS, CLIA, ARC). For agents based in the US, please visit the IATAN site.. ID Card Online Platform is available for IATA travel agents to submit their ID Card application, supporting documents and make payment. You can always get your own CLIA number but if you can make more in commission with a host agency, it usually doesn't make sense. If you're completely new to the industry, you'll also want to check out our resources page as you get started. My agents are on call for their clients 24/7 and customer service is our number one priority. IATAN is now issuing digital cards which will also be accepted at check-in. All rights reserved. Cardholders can receive exclusive access to education and travel rewards programs from industry suppliers such as hotels, airlines, attractions, FAM trips organizers and more. Iata Discounts For Travel Agents - Find Coupon Codes. : This post was originally published March 23, 2012 and was completely updated and revamped on Jan. 26, 2016 to make sure we’re giving you up-to-date info. I have to admit, being a newbie to the … While ARC numbers have their place, they will most definitely put a large hole in your pocket.). Join CLIA Join Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) the best educational institution in travel. Login to see a full list of EMBARC ID Benefits. But I can tell you what is a CLIA number, what it does, and what type of agents would benefit most from it. © 2020 Host Agency Reviews, LLC. IATAN requires travel agents to meet the following to be eligible for this card: You can call (or go online) to book; the vendor asks you for your ID … If you'd like to view the site without cookies or want to know more, read our, an article going over all the different travel agency accreditation numbers. Whether it is for first-time cardholder application, renewal or change of agency code on your existing ID Card, the Online Platform serves as the gateway to all your ID Card … New Distribution Capability (NDC) Consulting, IATA/IATAN Card Holder Agreement- English, IATA/IATAN Card Holder Agreement - French, IATA/IATAN Card Holder Agreement - Spanish, Taken in the last 12 months, to reflect your current appearance, Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera, no profiles, Preferably taken in front of a plain white or off-white background, Must be at least 300 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. We are a "One Stop Shop" has been designed specifically for the Professional Travel Agent with a valid IATA, IATAN card, CLIA or TRUE travel agent recognition cards. We had a CLIA when we first started and switched to an IATA. You must be part of an organization that has a CLIA agency membership in order to utilize the agent membership. Needless to say, IATA is renowned globally by industry suppliers. If valid IATA, CLIA, TRUE or ARC card is not presented, the discounted rate will revert to the current hotel room rate for the reserved room type. Accor Hotels. See what we’re doing to reduce aviation’s emissions, All the information you need to ship temperature-sensitive products, Attracting, developing & retaining talent. The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the key to industry recognition, and is part of a worldwide program to identify travel professionals. We've got the ARC, IATA, and CLIA numbers as the main players, what's the difference? She worked with thousands of agents in her role as a former host agency director before leaving in 2012 to start HAR. Centrav offers training on how to find the lowest fares and earn the highest possible commissions. Three steps to obtain your IATA/IATAN ID Card, 1. Why not just one number and call it the TAID (Travel Agent ID) Number? Please see our privacy policy and cookies help page for complete information. That folks, I cannot tell you. The CLIA Number is an ID number issued by none other than the Cruise Lines International Association (hence, the acronym). 1. Typically, this leads to higher commissions than you could get on your own. Should coronavirus be accounted for as an adjusting or non-adjusting event? COVID-19 Resources for Airlines & Air Travel Professionals, Keep passengers/crew safe & fuel costs down, For a change of name on the existing card, please also provide one of the following accepted documents. There have been several major agencies (YTB, JOYSTAR etc.) ID Card Online Platform is available for IATA travel agents to submit their ID Card application, supporting documents and make payment. We are already registered as a 2021 CLIA agency (We are provided with a certain amount of discounted CLIA Cards at $69 per card and then the price goes up to $119 the fee covers the calendar year and CLIA stops issuing cards in August every year.) Proof of Employment (provide one of the following accepted documents). If you are eligible, note your promotional code or agent key included … (Learn more about how much travel agents make and how travel agencies make money. Reshaping the Passenger Experience Webinar Series. This new accreditation was the first one developed by travel agents, as opposed to ARC, IATA and CLIA's … Agents could transition their old ARC/IATA number into a CLIA number or (like keeping your same phone number but switching to a new carrier). Key benefits include concessionary incentives from industry suppliers and agent travel insurance. and to quote your IATA … IATA is much harder to attain for an agency. And we've also got an article going over all the different travel agency accreditation numbers out there that's worth a read! Click … If you're one of them, I'm here to help out! To be eligible for an EMBARC ID, your agency must be affiliated with CLIA. When you receive the card you can: Fly … Travel agents can also enroll in CLIA's Travel Agent Membership program, which entitles them to one card at the same rate. This means global recognition of your professional experience when you show your valid ID Card … If you're working with a host agency, you will be using their identification number and won't incur the costs associated with obtaining your own CLIA number. They are the issuer of the IATA/IATAN Card for travel agents in the United States. If you like what you read, join 21,152 It serves the same purpose as the ARC or IATA number, it's just issued by another organization and has different barriers of entry and costs associated with it. Please ensure we have the correct mailing address of your agency on the ID Card Online Platform before completing the application. This is beneficial for travel agents (both home based agents and store front agencies) because your revenue is combined with that of other agents under that host agency's identification number. Contact CLIA … For those social fanatics, here's where you can find me online to chat things over: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Individual Agent Members with an approved application for the … This depends on the level of the agency's membership—your travel agency must be a CLIA Agency Membership in order to qualify for IAM prices. sources: Hello, fearless reader—today, you are about to learn another language: travel agency accreditation acronyms (TAAA . Cardholders can access the digital ID Card on the, COVID-19 Government Public Health Mitigation Measures, High Performing Airline Finance Organizations (HIPO), COVID-19 Dashboard on State & Airport Restrictions, COVID-19 Contingency Related Differences (CCRD), The Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM), Codes - Airline and Location Codes Search, CargoLink - Directory of Cargo Professionals, Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS), Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) courses, Airlines Voucher & Ticket Policies Repository, IATA offers free financial services to help member airlines survive COVID-19 crisis. CLIA AND IATA CARD REQUIRMENTS. IATA - AgentExperience. Current costs for CLIA's most basic Agency Membership is an annual $339 membership fee (and goes up from there). If you’re looking for Steph, she leaves a trace where ever she goes! As of 2014, the fees for accreditation are $195 for a head office or branch of a travel … I've worked in the industry for quite a few years and specialized in helping agents start and grow their home based travel agencies. This card is an industry credential recognized worldwide as the mark of an agent who meets a set of standards valued by airlines, the travel agent community, and travel consumers. Oh the pain! Travel agents can receive up to 30% discount exclusive to travel professionals. Receive significant commissions. The CLIA and IATA cards are perks for being a travel agent with a company like Gateway Travel that works with these regulatory authorities. All fees, as listed in the application, are non-refundable. It's a way for you to physically identify yourself to vendors as an agent of a CLIA agency. Warning: False declaration will lead to the cancellation and blacklisting of the ID Card. Agents have 2 years to achieve their Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC) accreditation, or their EMBARC ID card may be revoked for a minimum of 1 year. 3. IATAN and CLIA ID Cards; When you reach $5,000 in annual income from commissions from travel sales, you can apply and receive a Travel Agent ID Card from IATA. In a nutshell, it's a way for vendors to identify you as a seller of travel. The CLIA Number is an ID number issued by none other than the Cruise Lines International Association (hence, the acronym). Same holds true today. Or, for agents without an ARC/IATA number, CLIA would issue a them a brand-spanking-new CLIA number. Digital Photo (optional for existing cardholders), 2. When travel agent commissions were cut in the late 1990s and the internet came around, many travel agencies started focusing on sources of income beyond airline tickets. . Payment must be made in ID Card Platform using either: We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. 6. All resources for this major press event - 23 -25 November - available at It allows access to where more than 1000 suppliers worldwide offer … For any changes in your agency details (such as company name, address, ownership information), please inform us via IATA Customer Portal. It's easy to spot an expert. IATA/IATAN card applicants must also meet the following criteria: Hold a remunerated position at the accredited travel agency; Be registered with IATAN; Be at least 18 years of age; Work for … Official payslip (payment/commission record) with your full name, company name, and date. Current costs of CLIA's Individual Agent Membership (IAM) is an annual membership fee ranges from $49 -- $109. (In my 'What is an ARC Number?' Enjoy! We urge you ... • IATA identification card… that have been deemed card … Order your ID Card … Due to recent developments in the cruise and travel industry we have been asked to put into effect a plan that defines our agents’ ability to receive a Travel Agent cards (CLIA and IATA). ), With the rise of of this new type of travel agency—an agency where ARC or IATA numbers weren't needed—agents began looking for a less expensive way to be recognized by vendors. New CLIA Affinity Program: Providing discounts on office supplies, shipping and computers. For those home based agents aligned with a CLIA-accredited host agency or those that are an employee of a CLIA-accredited storefront, the agent membership is going to be the best option. The International Air Transport Association or the IATA regulates the aviation travel industry around the world, and travel agencies apply for IATA certifications to demonstrate their qualifications. Cardholders can access the digital ID Card on the AgentExperience app. agents and sign up for our monthly newsletter for more helpful articles. This is because of all the “hobbyist” or “card mill” people out there who just pay for an ID card … In a nutshell, it's a way for vendors to identify you as a seller of travel. post, I go over the costs, and more, of obtaining an ARC number. CLIA numbers began issuing accreditation numbers in 2000. jk). Inviting Expressions of Interest to Serve as Travel Agency Commissioner (IATA), Upcoming Webinar - Gateway to Finance Transformation: Your Talent, Broadening the scope of IATA AIR Hackathons, Quantifying the value of airline retailing, IATA/IATAN ID Card at your mobile fingertips, Alliances and acquisitions: a changing world order, Strengthening Cooperation on Standards for Intermodal Travel, ADM costs to airlines – Learn how to better manage them, Focus on customers, core competencies drive internal realignment, Accelerate@IATA helps airlines and startups to converge for innovation, IATA Financial and Distribution Industry Webcasts - Summary: 2019 to 2020. This photo ID Card includes your name, Verification number (VER#), the name of your business entity, its IATA Numeric Code and other pertinent information. . CLIA is an organization that is focused on training and educating its members. Cost for the card ranges from $49-109/yr per agent depending on the number of agents under your CLIA number and the type of membership you have. To become IATA … There are benefits of each but bottom line is, if you aren't issuing airline tickets, CLIA is a viable alternative. The most notable benefits for obtaining these cards are inclusive of the following: Extra training direct from the regulatory site and discounts reaching over 50% with our preferred suppliers. View our monthly ID Card update below … The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) are two organizations that handle travel transactions among suppliers, consumers and agencies. All non-management EMBARC ID holders must take specified classes and exams. Advisors affiliated with agency locations outside the U.S. must also present proof of agency employment (business card … To learn about the IATAN Card, Click Here How do I get a CLIA Card? No worries, drop your questions (or feedback) in the comments below. Based on IATA's numerical identification system, it was designed for independent travel agents who wanted a means to receive payments directly from suppliers and a way to be recognized in "the system" as sellers of travel. An IATA … Documents must be in PDF format and dated no longer than 3-month from the date of application. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and measures being imposed by local governments, transit times for the printed ID Card will be longer than usual. CODES (7 days ago) AgentExperience is a site allowing IATA/IATAN ID Card holders to view special … 4. COUPON (1 days ago) AgentExperience is a site allowing IATA/IATAN ID Card holders to view special industry offers such as FAM trips, training courses, travel agents discount for … Things still unclear? CLIA wants you to do X amount of ship inspections in a year and X amount of sailings and you have all of the required courses to keep your card. In easy to understand terms, it's a widely accepted (and respected) travel agent ID card. Editor’s Note on What Is a CLIA Number? The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the only industry credential recognized worldwide for travel professionals. The price of the ID Card may range between USD 30.00 and USD 70.00 depending on the class of Agency you work for (additional courier fees may apply). (4 days ago) The IATA/IATAN ID Card provides recognition to the travel agent in the industry worldwide. IATA accreditation is for nearly every travel agent. . IATAN 703 Waterford Way, Suite 600 Miami, Florida, USA 33126 1-305-264-7772. Blockout dates and other restrictions may apply and are subject … KHM Travel Group offers professional support and education for travel agents, and part of that support is devoted to assisting our independent agents in obtaining a CLIA card.. We also use cookies for advertising purposes. In the good ol' days, a travel agency's main bread and butter was its airline ticket sales and an ARC number was an absolute necessity for any travel agency. Travel Agency Accreditation: An Introduction. Issued by the same organization, the EMBARC ID (formerly, "CLIA card") is exactly that, an ID.
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