Waiting for the winter to arrive. The tourist hordes have disappeared and the streets are quiet, but the days are still long enough to explore this vast land of contrasts. Autumn in Finland Margaret and Barry Williamson Hyvärilän Matkailukeskus Nurmes Karelia Eastern Finland. Autumn can be a good time to visit Finland, but to be completely honest, October and November are the darkest months of the whole year. 24 September 2017. If you know your mushrooms and berries, you can hit a sweet jackpot, since they grow all over the place in here! You might be better off if you stay in Helsinki area. Even the smallest towns have their own productions and tickets cost next to nothing. In the north winter is coming sooner and it lasts longer, so brace yourself well! Europe Video Productions 1,150 views. Sauna – Essential Part of Life, Well-being and Relaxation in Finland, Easter in Finland is filled with witches, fun traditions and flavours, 5 Dishes You Need to Taste When Visiting Finland, The Most Remarkable Events in Finland to Celebrate the Centenary. There is a fun culture of outdoor theater in Finland. Autumn begins around the last week of August in northern Finland and about one month later in southwestern Finland. Two days past the Autumn Equinox and we are still in the northeast of Finland, lost in the country's limitless coniferous forest, travelling among its 187,888 lakes. Plenty of gradients and the terrain varies from bare rock and undulating sandy ground to ancient spruce forests with tree roots and gravel ridges – perfect for taking it to the max. Survival guide to Finnish wilderness Cabin – the summer edition, Is Finland Worth Travelling to in Autumn? In the South of the country is pleasant, moderately warm weather persisted until the middle of September, then starts to sharply colder. There is a high probability of rain every now and then, so bring some rain gear. The thaw usually occurs in April, at the beginning of the month in southern Finland, and at the end of the month in Lapland. The autumn reds, browns and yellows are especially beautiful on the Northern fells. Even though many people associate the Northern Lights with cold and snowy winter scenery, the most active seasons are actually autumn and spring when the earth’s orientation towards the sun maximises the probability of solar flares interacting with the planet’s magnetic field to generate this phenomenon. Summer ends with an explosion of colour in the forests. Golden autumn is coming to Finland in September-October – nature is filled with bright colors, and ripen in the forests of berries and mushrooms appear. Skiing holidays are held different weeks at different regions, so even though the ski centers are busy, they aren’t full. All Secrets of ‘syksy’ Revealed, Want to See More? ,o))) I'm speechless, this autumn color beauty - panoramio.jpg 2,438 × 2,893; 3.82 MB From late August (though more commonly after the autumnal equinox in September ), you can see aurora on a dark night in northern Finland.  Autumn is the time when Finns are taking their boats out of the water, putting their bicycles in the garage, and preparing to get out their skates and skis. Autumn in Finland. Fall is also the time to bake apple pies and enjoy the sweet things in life. Study in Finland operated by The Finnish National Agency for Education has released the dates for autumn intakes 2021.Read this article to know about the application deadlines and eligibility for autumn intakes in Finland. For a few short weeks in September and early October, autumn lovers head to Finland to catch summer’s final flourish before the winter darkness descends. The summer pretty much ends in August and there are three long months before winter really starts. Normally the temperature is bit lower, somewhere around +20 degrees. Hiking is e… Summer ends with an explosion of colour in the forests. Thus the average length of the growing season is 180 days in the southwestern archipelago, 140 to 175 days els… Located pretty north in Europe, Finland is guaranteed to have snow in the winter. Finland’s four regions offer plenty of sights and sounds to explore by foot, bike or caravan. Best autumn activities revolve around nature. Answer 1 of 5: Hi, I will be travelling to Lapland during early September (4 - 6 September). When is the best time to visit Lapland to see the autumn colors? It is a time for hiking in clean, crisp air and colorful surroundings. September is also a popular time for trekking in northern Finland. The colorful autumn foliageis really pretty, especially in Lapland, but all over Finland too. Finland has four very distinguished seasons and they all have their own perks. While Finns are going back to work, recalling the summer and planning for the next one, others are still finding their way here, to spend a different kind of holiday. This is an extremely popular time for tours to Finland. In autumn the daily mean temperature remains below 10°C. There are plenty of National parks and nature parks where you can enjoy colors and peace of nature for free. Winter is considered to start somewhere around end of November and it goes on until early April. Ideas for a Winter Road Trip in Finnish Lapland, Cottages for Every Taste: Ideas for a Holiday in Finland, Tasty and Traditional – A Small Guide for Celebrating Christmas in Finland, Everyday Life in Lapland – Where Every Day and Every Night Counts. The summer vacations spread pretty well over the whole summer and Finns tend to spend them at the summer cottage anyways. But not because of some pretense … To fight the cold and dark, Finns light up their fireplaces and go to sauna a lot. It’s my first time experiencing Autumn as I have been living in a tropical country which only has 2 types of season – just endless summer and a bit of rainy months (and occasional typhoons). And one more thing! Autumn leaf colour acts as a messenger of sorts; it bids a melancholic but sweet farewell to long summer days and serves as a reminder of the dark and cold winter days looming around the corner. Temperatures are pretty cold, even if the sun would be shining every now and then. Unidentified man walks on the suspension bridge in Oulanka National Park at autumn in Finland. One main character of the yearly natural cycle in Finland is the wonderful contrast between the four seasons. Spring is not that popular time to have holidays. It's not always easy to predict its exact peak time, however, it usually lasts about two weeks in the middle until the end of September. Covered in forests and wildernesses, Finland is a prime destination for some serious leaf peeping. The pièce de résistance regarding Finnish food products is the surprising fact that they are often completely free of charge and have grown in the wild. This is the season known as ‘ruska’, when the autumnal reds, browns and yellows are especially beautiful on the fells of Lapland. From August to early October, the forests are filled with tasty mushrooms and berries that can be picked and enjoyed on the spot. The colorful autumn foliage is really pretty, especially in Lapland, but all over Finland too. This is the time when it is cold enough for the trees and shrubs to stop photosynthesis and start withdrawing vital ingredients to survive the long winter season. The biggest tourist season is around Christmas and new year, when especially the Russian tourists are traveling to Finnish ski resorts. This is the season known as ‘ruska’, when the autumnal reds, browns and yellows are especially beautiful on the fells of Lapland. I prefer staying in my inner city hoods, around Kallio and Vallila. Our recommendation for an autumn trip is to rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere and spend the time reading a good book accompanied with many hardy meals. Hiking is enjoyable, since it’s not too hot anymore. The Summer in Finland is special because of the amount of Music Festivals that happen in the country, the midnight sun (or the white nights), the highest temperatures of the year, the affluence of the Finnish beaches at the seas or lakes, the ability to spend time outdoors, or the crazy events and competitions of the Finnish summer such as the wife-carrying race… … but it has also lots of mosquitoes (Finnish mosquitoes are huge and f… The beginning of autumn is more enjoyable and the nature is really wonderful at that time! Thermal influence of the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic Current softens winter in Helsinki. See more ideas about Finland, Autumn, Nature. The Arctic Circle runs across northern Finland, right through the town of Rovaniemi, giving it claim to being the Gateway to the Arctic.In the summer, this means the famous Midnight Sun.While the sun only stays above the horizon for a full 24 hours in Rovaniemi on the summer solstice in late June, from late May to early August it never drops far enough for it to get dark. The beginning of autumn is more enjoyable and the nature is really wonderful at that time! Only on the south coast and the southwest is summer as long as winter. Finnish berries and fruits are packed with sweet flavors and healthy vitamins and flavonoids. If you are really lucky, you could catch a heat wave and experience some +30 degrees (Celsius) days. If you have a car, and you probably should, take a road trip to small villages and explore the countryside as much as you like. Media in category "Autumn in Finland" The following 157 files are in this category, out of 157 total. Mar 17, 2020 - Explore Sarah Sinikka's board "FINLAND - AUTUMN", followed by 113 people on Pinterest. The climate of Finland is influenced most by its latitude: Finland is located between 60 and 70 N. Because of Finland's northern location, winter is the longest season. Yes, the Easter is in spring, but after the short Easter holiday people tend to focus more on work. Autumn colours seem even more vibrant when admiring them from the lake. Summer in Lapland ends with a spectacular explosion of colour in the nature. After the cold and darkness of winter, the smallest hints of spring are welcomed with great enthusiasm. The woods are filled with wild berries … Autumn can be a good time to visit Finland, but to be completely honest, October and November are the darkest months of the whole year. Finns tend to change their apparel to light jackets and summer shoes a bit too early, but who could blame us! Winter is also the best time to see Aurora Borealis, the great northern lights, and they appear especially in the Northern Finland. Finnish autumn is relatively long. The peak season only lasts for roughly two weeks. Buy Man Walks on the Suspension Bridge in Oulanka National Park at Autumn in Finland by Mazzzur on VideoHive. Natar > Places around the world > Autumn in Finland (Toolo Bay Helsinki) Play As. This occurs around the last week of September in northern Finland and in late October or early November in southwestern Finland. September is also a popular time for trekking in northern Finland. I would like to know if there are any luck of me witnessing the ruska during this period of time? Wind and humidity will make the cold even colder, so wear many layers of clothes and use a good winter coat. Even smaller villages and the whole countryside seems to have some live to them, because people visit their summer houses and travel to smaller places. Autumn colours galore – experience Lapland, It's harvest time – try superfoods from Finnish nature, Camping in Finland – the hidden gem of the Nordics. Winter is probably the most know of the Finnish seasons. Popular trails, like Karhunkierros in Kuusamo, are filled with enthusiastic hikers and outdoor people. But don’t worry, rent a cottage near the sea for few days and have a relaxing time in Finnish spring nature! Europe: 50 (+6) countries, 230 languages, 743M people… 1 subreddit. 599 votes, 67 comments. The best time variates a bit between the regions in Lapland and the weather during that particular year. How about hiking in summer, cross-country skiing in winter, gathering berries and mushrooms or simply going for a walk in the woods? 2.6m members in the europe community. Best time to travel is in July, since the weather tends to be pretty good then. Sebastian’s trip to Finnish nature and cottage culture. Autumn. Autumn leaf colour, “ruska”, is a spectacular natural phenomenon in Finland. School holidays in Finland are set by the Finnish National Agency for Education.. Finns usually have one week off in the wintertime and that’s called the skiing holiday. Most traveling peaks happen during Finnish holidays, like Christmas and school holidays. Autumn in Finland: an alternative fall foliage tour - Lonely Planet The usual winter activities revolve around snow, so ski resorts or Lapland are the place to be. Winter temperatures vary from 0 to -35 degrees Celsius (32 – -31 F). The period varies from year to year, but the latter part of September is usually a safe bet (in Lapland) when planning a trip. The best foliage season in Lapland is around mid-September, and the southern part of Finland enjoys the most colorful season during the first half of October. Where to experience ruska? People try to spend as much time outside as possible and this makes cities seem really vibrant. Read More About Northern Lights in Autumn. Good news for all students who wish to pursue their higher education from Finland! Finland is so much more than Helsinki and autumn is the perfect time to explore this fascinating country of lakes, forests and great food. Usually the best time to see autumn colours in Finnish Lapland is in the second week of September. Best autumn activities revolve around nature. National Parks in Finland. On colder periods, the temperature can fall to as low as -50 °C (-58 °F) in the far north (Lapland). It lasts only about 10 days and it's usually in the middle of September (from first week to third week). It is the time between the two main seasons – summer and winter – but no less important. Naturally it is warmer than northern part of Finland, but the city is warmer than other localities of same latitude. Autumn (August to October) As the cold weather comes to Finland in the autumn, this is your first chance in the calendar year to see the northern lights. Don’t hesitate to contact the tourist info of your travel destination in Finland to find out where the nearest ‘ruskaristeily’ takes place. Few-hour foliage cruises are organised across Finland between the end of August and mid-October. But if you are traveling here in spring, don’t forget good shoes, mittens and a hat! Our suggestion is to rent a cabin somewhere near a bigger summer city like Vaasa, Kuopio or Mikkeli, so it’s possible to enjoy the nature, but still be near the services and activities of a center. The most southern cities might not have it so much, but get out of the city and you’re balls deep in snow in no-time. Autumn is a time of silence. The other Finnish seasons are not that crowded, but there is no reason why they should be! Finland is magical in all seasons, but the colorful autumn (ruska in Finnish) is special, especially in the north, in Lapland.The leaves of trees and blueberry bushes turn to the different shades of yellow and red, while the coniferous spruce and pine are still green. 2:31. During approximately the first three weeks of September nature is ablaze in colours of “ruska”, a Finnish word for the Autumn leaves season. The capital of Finland is located on southern edge of the country on coasts of the bay of Finland. Don’t forget to have a sauna and a cold plunge to a hole in the ice of a lake or sea! Summer activities are endless. Finland The Best Festivals and Celebrations in Finland Tar Skiing Race (Oulu): This cross-country ski race was established more than a century ago and has been held almost every year since then. The woods are dotted with wild edible mushrooms, such as yellow chanterelles and brown porcini. Let me tell you why. People want to experience different sides of Finland and they plan their trips according to that. School holidays in Finland are different from region to region. The growing season ends in autumn when the mean daily temperature drops below 5°C. Autumn in Finland. If you like to experience ruska, September is usually the best time. The coastal areas are pretty nice in spring time, although most summer destinations and services are still closed. In January 1987, the temperature reached -36 °C (-33 °F) even in the "southern" city of Helsinki. Here's your beginner's guide to camping in Finland. The perfect moment for seeing the Ruska is the end of September and the beginning of October, although every year is slightly different and it usually arrives in Lapland one week before the rest of the country. Finland really wakes up during the summer times. These holidays include autumn, Christmas, winter and summer holidays and usually last from one to two weeks except summer holidays which last between 10 to 11 weeks. Autumn leaf colour, or “ruska” to locals, is a spectacular natural phenomenon that paints northern landscapes in deep and soft tones. Everyman’s right in the country’s forests guarantees that you are allowed to pick almost anything your heart and mouth desires. Finnish Lapland - its barren, beautiful natural landscape has an irresistible charm. kukumberber Travel November 20, 2018 February 3, 2019 2 Minutes. Finnish autumn is relatively long. Autumn is a heavenly time for people who like to gather their own food. In March, hundreds of participants from around the world show up to compete on the 76km (47-mile) racecourse. Seeing a summer play might be fun, even if you wouldn’t understand a word of it. However, high season doesn’t mean that everything is fully booked and the attractions are unavailable due overcrowding! Wonderful autumn colors in Lapland Finland: fall at Arctic Circle Rovaniemi Pello Ruska Lappi - Duration: 2:31. The summer pretty much ends in August and there are three long months before winter really starts. Maybe that’s why we don’t have so distinguished travel seasons. If you want to see more photos of it these are … You could still catch a good deal from Lapland, where could still be some snow to ski and huskies to take you to safari. This season is known as “ruska”. In the summer adults usually have four weeks off and school kids a few weeks more. Ski resorts like Levi or Ruka offer a lot of different activities and the best way to stay there is a cozy winter cabin! A time to step back and calm down.

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