Scenes Four-Five 1. I took you prisoner in Parthia, and at that time, I spared your life and made you swear to attempt to do whatever I ordered you to. He laments that he's such a coward to have sent his best friend Titinius to his death. 5. What does Titinius do when he sees Cassius’ corpse? on an errand while Pindarus watches and reports what is seen to Cassius. 4. Cassius sends Titinius to check on some soldiers and find out if they are his men or not, and simultaneously sends Pindarus up a hill to watch and see what happens. What does Pindarus report to Cassius? 6. Cassius asks Titinius to take his horse and find out whether a nearby group of soldiers are friends or enemies, and tells Pindarus to climb a hill and report on how the battle is going. 19. What does Cassius order Pindarus to do? How does Pindarus earn his freedom? Cassius, a conspirator against Ceasar, does not believe that this shall happen. 7. Compare Brutus' words and constrained feelings here with his manner upon hearing of Portia's death. ... What does Brutus ask of Volumnius? Why does Titinius commit suicide? He now enters with Messala, hoping to comfort Cassius with the news that Octavius' men have been overthrown by Brutus. 2. 10. What is actually happening? Why does Cassius ask Pindarus to kill him? Pindarus, O Cassius, Brutus gave the word too early; Who, having some advantage on Octavius, Took it too eagerly: his soldiers fell to spoil, Whilst we by Antony are all enclosed. Missing Zion National Park hiker found alive after 12 days. Act IV – Scene iii. Cassius reminds Pindarus that in saving his life, Pindarus owes his allegiance to Cassius; he must do whatever Cassius asks of him. What does Titinius compare Cassius to when he returns? brutus feels guilty that cassius is dead, and decides to give him a garland. b) They need one leader to survive. 3. 1. An old poet barges into the camp, and tries to convince the two men to stop fighting with a simplistic poem before he is thrown out. Why does Pindarus tell Cassius in Act 5, Scene 3 to get as far away from the battle as possible? 2. Follow. Why does Pindarus owe anything to Cassius? 41 : Speak your griefs softly: I do know you well. 15.How does Brutus die? Why does Lucilius pretend to be Brutus? What two armies have been victorious in this first battle? What does Pindarus report to Cassius? While Cassius thinks he is being honorable and fulfilling his fate, he does not have the courage to kill himself. Read Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Act 3, scene 1 for free from the Folger Shakespeare Library! d) They are losing. He was angry because Cassius had helped kill Caesar. Titinius was not captured at all, but hailed by some of Brutus' troops when he arrived on horseback. Why did Pindarus stab Cassius? 3. 6. He believes his best friend, Titinius, has been captured and killed by the enemy. 2. How does Antony refer to Octavius? 3. How do Brutus and Cassius react to the news of Portia's death? As Titinius comes back he sees that Cassius has died and is so upset that he takes the dagger that's in Cassius and stabs himself, killing him. 7. Why? Fly further off, my lord, fly further off; Mark Antony is in your tents, my lord Fly, therefore, noble Cassius, fly far off. 5. 20. Instead, he asks Pindarus to do it for him, an action that strongly contrasts with the death of the tragic hero, Brutus. didonetheunfortunate . How will Cassius feel about this result? And when you do them--BRUTUS : Cassius, be content. I believe that Cassius does “accept” the news that Pindarus gives him. enemy. 6. 2. Of what does Brutus accuse Cassius? D. Pindarus is afraid that Cassius will try to take over, and he wants Brutus to rule. a. 4. What moral dilemma does this excerpt express? Why is it that when Pindarus moves from a topic to another it is ‘brilliantly poetic’ but when I do it it is just ‘disorganized thinking’ and me being an ‘inconclusive loser’? Like, ever. As a result of this misinterpretation, what does Cassius do? Explain and comment upon Brutus' words upon finding the body of Cassius, "O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet!" Cassius laments having lived so long to see his best friend taken by the enemy. What does Cassius mean by the following statement ... misconstrues the situation. Speak your griefs softly: I do know you well. a) He needs his master's money. 34. What happens when Titinius goes to check on Cassius's tent in Act 5, Scene 3? What is the meaning of rutus’ lines, “O Julius aesar, thou art mighty yet”? Pindarus does so, and Cassius dies, saying, "Caesar, thou art revenged, / Even with the sword that killed thee." Peer pressure. BRUTUS Lucilius, do you the like; and let no man Come to our tent till we have done our conference. Why does Titinius kill himself? page 337. 1965 Before the eyes of both our armies here, Which should perceive nothing but love from us, Let us not wrangle: bid them move away; Then in my tent, Cassius, enlarge your griefs, And I will give you audience. Cassius says Brutus has wronged him by _____. b. What does Cassius believe happens to Titinius? 8. 3. 1. A. Kirstie Alley ridiculed after voicing support for Trump. C. Cassius asked him to do it when they thought Titinius had been captured by the. Cassius knows he will soon be captured by Antony and Octavius. Fearing defeat, Cassius asks him to help him kill himself, so Pindarus stabs Cassius and runs away. 21. 4. What does Cassius do after he gets this news? 5. Why is this an apt metaphor? Cassius orders Pindarus to kill him because Cassius believes he is personally responsible for Titinius’s death. Why is this an apt metaphor? Enter PINDARUS Pindarus. 22. What does Pindarus encourage Cassius to do? [He gives his sword to PINDARUS] Now you’ll be a free man. 33. What does Titinius mean by exclaiming, just before he stabs himself, "This is a Roman's part"? What does Cassius tell Messala about his army’s situation? titinius feels guilty that cassius is dead, and decides he must kill himself.

what does cassius ask pindarus to do

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