The mosaic marble is also used in the niche and for the top surface of a small corner “bench” as well a on the shower floor. Custom, Mapei or Laticrete are the most common. Gray thinset mortar is typically used with ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. It works as a glue as well as a setting agent. … I realize this was wrong on so many levels. How to Adhere 12-by-24-inch Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic, porcelain and rock tiles add beauty and functionality to many areas of the home and give homeowners many design options. There will be one CBU-to-gypsum wall joint at an outside corner which gets a corner bead and joint compound because half the joint is not covered by tile and it is in a relatively dry area. From what I understand, Mastic is the premixed stuff in a tub and Thinset mortar is a powder prepared by just adding water, and that only Thinset should be used in the shower wall area. ok tileman, another point of confusion. It is nonflammable and ready to use. Thinset adheres to Sheetrock as well as any other surface, but you need to consider the purpose of the area when installing tile. Can I use a premixed thin-set mortar to install Schluter-DITRA and tile? You can use thinset on the wall. Tile Mastic Sometimes called "organic" mastic or adhesive, tile mastic is a sticky tile adhesive that comes in premixed tubs. I assume that using some sort of modified thinset is the answer, but which brand? I have already tiled and grouted my shower walls using premixed thinset. Then I checked the instructions on the premixed stone, porcelain and ceramic tile thin-set mortar which I am going to use to put tiles and found that it says: "Do not use over waterproofing membrane." The GC said he did not want him to use a mastic product and the product he used was really a modified thinset. Use powdered modified thinset on shower and bath walls. The product used for the shower walls was Mapei Premium Mortar for Tile and Stone, wet and dry areas. I used premixed thinset on my custom, preformed shower base and laid the floor tile. Thinset mortar comes in varying types. If the subfloor is wood, I would recommend putting down some cement board over the wood and use a lot of screws. But, please, please do NOT use a pre-mixed "thinset" sold at big box stores. Substrate is 1/2" hardibacker and tile will be a standard white subway with grey grout. If you are working with waterproof elements, then unmodified thinset is likely your best bet. Thanks, Craig. Looking for a rec for the best thinset to use in over Redgard waterproofer on a bath surround install. Because thinset is not affected by moisture, it is best for floor tile and all tile in wet areas, including shower floors, walls, and ceilings and tub surrounds. 12 years ago. However, thanks to you all and the great info you've posted, crisis averted! It’s easier to shim off of the bottom when the tile sits on the shower … Thinset may not be the sexiest topic, but it’s an important one to study if you want to keep your customers happy and your reputation pristine. Designing Kitchens and Bathrooms - Thinset or tile adhesive for shower wall? Suitable substrates: gypsum wallboard (dry walls only), cement board, exterior-grade plywood (interior only), concrete and masonry block. Sponsored Links. For interior use only. Examples of these types of situations are installing a shower substrate or using an uncoupling membrane under your tile. For use on shower walls. From high-strength construction epoxy adhesive to thinset or thick bed mortar, LATICRETE adhesives are custom-formulated to deliver speed and efficiency on the entire range of applications. it seems you guys distrust & despise premixed thinset. Buy online and get Free Shipping to any Home location! Also, can the same thinset be used for floor tile in the same bathroom? If you are installing a backsplash or wall tiles, a modified thinset is an excellent choice. Mold and mildew-resistant. I plan to use versabond on the floor tile. CBU wall to gypsum wall seam gets thinset (same as CBU-to-CBU) where it’s covered by the bullnose border tile. Dark natural stones such as slate, bluestone, dark marble and granite can use any type of latex-modified thinset mortar adhesive during the installation of a shower. Thinset is used for outdoor mosaics, or mosaics which may come into contact with water, such as in a shower. Email Save Comment 22. It is really mastic. I am ready to start tiling tub and shower surrounding walls. He used thinset for the shower floor. tile Mastic Sometimes called "organic" mastic or adhesive, tile mastic is a sticky tile adhesive that comes in premixed tubs. He took inspiration from modified concrete mixes of the 1920s that were used to repair and strengthen sea walls. For smaller stones, such as those under 12 inches, you can use the same rule as with man-made tiles in terms of mastic adhesive, but the preferred choice for all natural stones is the normal gray latex-modified thinset mortar. For example, if you’re wondering which thinset for shower walls are you supposed to use, that list will help you narrow down the best thinset for shower walls. Then install the wall tile on top of it. The tile for the shower walls are 8″x20″ (vertical orientation) ceramic tile and one wall has a 9″ wide 1″x 2″ mosaic marble accent strip. JTG. Follow. When you are looking to set up shower tiles in your home, you need to consider a number of things one of which is of course the adhesive that you must use with these shower tiles. toadangel. Low-odor and Low-VOC's This page explains how to mix and use thinset mortar for detailed work with glass mosaic tile and other tesserae for outdoor and wet mosaics where PVA adhesives such as Weldbond should be avoided.. The tile was laid roughly 1 week ago and the thinset has dried. With the shower walls, you won't have to worry about that. Thanks... Gary. In fact, thinset is best for any locations. Premixed is really sanded mastic. For large format tiles on walls … No. We sell Thinset Mortar in 2lb containers. - I am redoing my bathroom and I was wondering if it would be best to use thinset for the tiles inside the shower or will Craig I wouldn't lose sleep over it. For floors, it doesn't have the compressive strength you get with regular thinset. Mortar, such as thinset mortar, is … I noticed this morning that my contractor was planning to use premixed thinset to do my bathroom wall tile - BAD. Don't use the acrylic mastic as it … Just don't do it again. … Hopefully, this article will make it easier for you to decide if modified or unmodified thinset is the right choice for a particular project. Never use mastic or premixed thin set… I'd go with a Portland-cement based latex-modified thinset mortar. Best thinset for porcelain wall tile. A: Tom Meehan, co-author of Working With Tile (Taunton Press, 2011) and a second-generation tile installer from Harwich, Mass., responds: The question about when to use latex-modified thinset (called latex/polymer-modified mortar) versus when to use unmodified thinset (called … These joints will be 2-3″ from the edge of the tile and will be covered by redgard. It makes for a little more time on the shower pan but the wall tile will go easier. Premium Mortar is a premixed, no-mess alternative to traditional thin-set mortars that require water and mixing. What I like to do in these cases is put in the 3/4 inch cut when you do the shower floor. No mixing required,Premixed: Location: Countertop,Exterior wall,Floor,Interior wall,Kitchen Backsplash: ... Can you use this to tape seams on Hardie board for shower walls? After a shower has been framed and the cement backer board has been nailed to the framing timbers to create a wall, it is ready to be tiled. When used to tile walls it’s strength allows you to set tile, and if you’re good with eyeballing, you can set tile without the use of spacers. What thinset to use for shower wall tile. Mastic can re emulsify with water exposure. Get the R&D 3.78L Premixed Thinset Mortar at your local Home Hardware store. To help strengthen thinset, Henry Rothberg invented a synthetic form of latex to be added to the thinset, thereby kickstarting the whole segment of modified thinsets. Yesterday I applied the RedGard Waterproofing membrane over Durock Cement boards. If it is being installed over ditra-mat (or comparable pvc underlayment), then use an unmodified thinset. You use it on the wall due to its light weight and sticky makeup. Because thinset is not affected by moisture, it is best for floor tile and all tile in wet areas, including shower floors, walls, and ceilings and tub surrounds. Do I have to remove the tile or will this work on the walls. Get a bag of thinset for the floor. I was planning on buying bags of thinset as I usually do. Q: What is the difference between modified and unmodified thinset, and in what situations should each be used?. If it "drys" it is mastic, if it "cures" it is thinset. If it is over plywood then use a polymer enhanced thinset for added flexibility. Smooth and easy to spread premixed adhesive. Tile up to 12-in x 12-in on walls, 6-in x 6-in on floors. Thinset with small amounts of latex added are primarily used for large format tiles, and stone tiles to help absorb flex from floors and walls. Mortars: We sell a ton of mortar in bags at my store, almost literally! I should have started with the wall tile and I should have used an unmixed thinset. Featured Answer. People who have renovated their home will know the struggle behind getting rid of the thinset.Thinset is cement based adhesive material, which … Anyway, now I need to supply the correct product, and I'm not sure where to get it. Ceramic tiles measuring 12 by 24 inches can be installed on either floors or walls. What is thinset mortar … The terms thinset cement, thinset mortar, … There are also polymers used to make the cement waterproof or sufficiently elastic so … Oct 14, 2016 … Single-layer waterproofing systems like Kerdi are also excellent and we …. If you attempt to set wall tiles using thinset without spacers, you’ll end up with a bunch of tiles that have slid into each other before the thinset has had time to set, resulting in a … I am really confused as to whether the product he used is a mastic or modified thinset. While a wide range of adhesives can be found on the market, the best adhesive to use on shower tile is going to depend on a number of factors. While there are many types we sell, the one below is the only one I recommend for shower walls...  Thin-set mortars are typically sold in large bags or smaller containers depending on how much you will need. 01-11-2007, 06:22 PM. Thinset mortar lays a bed for placing tile. Also, make sure you have lined the shower floor with the plastic sheeting first. Schluter-Systems does not recommend the use of premixed thin-set mortars (mastics/adhesives) in any DITRA … If you think it is easy to remove tiles or floorings and install the new tiles on the surface then you have never really done the task. White thinset mortar is used with natural stone materials and glass tiles.

premixed thinset for shower walls

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