Aron Ralston (the guy from 127 Hours) cut off his arm with a Swiss Army knife. For years, loose threads drove me crazy. Yes, when you're working on cars or out in the field, gunk gets trapped underneath your nails. The instructions will run through what tools are on the knife … It's tough to get free from and almost always necessitates a knife. The main thing most of them said they used their pocket knife for was cleaning under their nails. It's a sign of maturity. At a party with no bottle opener? With the versatile Tactical Defense Pens, you are prepared to face any situation. knife wielding will get your nails down to a reasonable length. In this modern era, I get packages sent to my doorstep and I use my ... 2. Carving is the act of scraping away material to create a shape or object. All rights reserved, If you're not happy with your new knife, then neither are we. (*gained). A penknife, or pen knife, is a British English term for a small folding knife. On some newly tied fishing knots, you need to cut the tag ends. In fact, we compiled a list of badass knife money clips, but you could always use any pocket knife like the Benchmade below. On the way to work and notice a flat tire? If you're a fisherman (which I'm not so please excuse any errors in terminology), there's a whole host of uses for the pocket knife. At Knife Depot, we offer a 60-day no-questions-asked, We don't just sell knives, we eat, sleep and breathe them. Knives make quick work of small dangerous critters like scorpions and centipedes. Second, the knife is pretty ineffective as a weapon in most people's hands. Escalators can be death traps. You might not want to subject your favorite knife to this kind of torture, though. ), juggling (absurd), puncturing an amniotic sac during an emergency roadside birth (unbelievably rare but not unheard of), and competing in cutting competitions (mostly for fixed blades). You could make things like soda can flowers and decorations. To some, this is just a quirk, but it actually has benefits. There are plenty of videos of people cutting hair with knives (it's mostly women cutting long hair), if you're curious how it's done. These have one main use: field dressing wild game. Any owner of a pocket knife can recount a time when he or she pulled out a blade in a public area to accomplish some mundane task, like cutting a stray thread or slicing open a package, only to be confronted by a concerned passerby. When it's cold or dry, the skin on the sides of my nails always cracks and peels. Note: Unless specified otherwise all SAKs are Victorinox brand. Pen knives were used to whittle the end of the quill so that a sharp tip known as a pen nib was created. Here's a good video showing how to use the back of a pocket knife to start a fire. Other times, they just became longer and unspooled the clothing, leaving a tattered cloth in its wake. Animals are unpredictable. Even if your knife uses stainless steel, it may still be subject to corrosion. “It is not correct to hold your knife like a pen. Although they use a fixed blade survival knife, a solid pocket knife will also get the job done. While no dogs have died as far as I know, many have been strangled temporarily. Pet food, bird food, cereal, charcoal, and sand all come in hefty bags. Most Swiss Army or multi-tool knives have … I hate splinters with all my heart. One popular (but incorrect) folk etymology makes an association between the size of a penknife and that of a small ballpoint pen. Have you ever been to a restaurant for a bagel only to find they use those paltry plastic knives? A Pen Knife is a very useful tool to have but must be used correctly yourself or others if you do not use a pen knife safely. For some reason, eating sliced fruit is so much more satisfying than taking bites like some savage. Just make sure you wash your blade after. The portrayal of knives in the media as zombie-slaying tools or dangerous weapons are rampant. Here are a few more for you: cleaning out your ears (ridiculous), lancing cysts (potentially dangerous unless you're a doctor), playing mumblety-peg (highly irresponsible), digging (not recommended use for a knife), blowing bubbles (this can done through the hole of Spyderco knives only), prying (some people insist on prying with their pocket knives but it will mess up the blade! Nowadays, most places use the larger bags filled with air. The art of whittling is something that's been lost over the years, but it's the perfect way to craft something with your bare hands. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Dedicated wire stripping tools exist, but a pocket knife will work in a pinch. The pocket knife is an iconic tool carried by outdoorsman, craftsman and everyday men and women across the world. In this modern era, I get packages sent to my doorstep and I use my knife to slice them open with ease. This won't go in the Hall of Fame of Knife Uses, but a pocket knife can make a temporary doorstop. (He does use a fillet knife at one point, but you can still use a pocket knife.). These reliable tools for everyday and tactical use … Some Swiss Army knives come with scissors, making cutting out small pieces of paper easy. You'll instantly take out all the air. It might seem quaint, but back in the day, there was actually a tool called a letter opener. When we asked people to share some of the most common uses for pocket knives, opening bags was near the top. So while a knife can be used as a tool for self-defense, it's probably best to use it as a last resort. Here's a picture from the site: If a hammer is just out of reach, a heavy knife is just the thing to get the nail in a few centimeters so you can fetch the proper tool. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. If you're a diver, knives are a must. Sometimes deer will also get stuck on barbed wire. When making arts and crafts, a knife is indispensable. I am no hunter, so please forgive me if I say something amateurish; however, knives are useful in a number of hunting applications. I hate when corrosive substances get all over a battery terminal. A fair amount of pocket knives come equipped with a glass breaker. It’s built around the standard 2.25 in swiss army knife body but includes both a pen … This is probably the primary use of most pocket knives. A pocket knife makes a great device for carrying those heavy plastic grocery bags without tearing up your hand. We shouldn't let a few bad apples who misuse this useful tool ruin it for the rest of us. It's messy and can quickly escalate things. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could pick up a pocket knife with a dedicated seat belt cutter built into the handle like the Gerber Hinderer CLS or Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Tanto. We put this one last for a few reasons. It works extremely well if you have a blade that gradually becomes thicker. Cleaning your nails was already listed, but you can also use a knife to cut your nails. Any pocket knife will do the trick, but a good whittler from Case will make things easier. This is an interesting addition to this list. It's unlikely to happen, but it's always good to be prepared. After a party or graduation, balloons abound. In 2003, a man killed a vicious bear with a 3.5-inch knife. In 2011, a woman saved her daughter from two vicious pit bulls. pen knives in Very good condition As you can see … A pocket knife is an essential tool in the job. We've all done some woodwork in which excess glue gets on the visible parts of the project. Depending on the type of wire you're stripping, you could score the jacket with a knife or peel the edge. Browse through the wide variety of pocket knives at Knife Depot. The Signature Lite Pocket Knife is an interesting take on the classic small pen knife. On related lines, if the wound is exceptionally bad, you may need to apply a tourniquet until help arrives. The below list shows the Swiss Army Knives which have been identified as being used in each episode. 1. Originally, penknives were used for thinning and pointing quills to prepare them for use as dip pens and, later, for repairing or re-pointing the nib.

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