This product is called Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating 16-Inch Stand Fan Powerful and Quiet with Remote Control, 4-Speed, Silver. The parts of an electric fan are, the motor, blades, blade cover, cord, and stand. Motor Size - Measured as the diameter and stack of the motors stator (i.e. LCD - Liquid crystal display; a screen commonly found on remote transmitters. What are their sizes? Shop for Standing, Wall & Tabletop Fans. Hunter Fans come with enough for a 72'' downrod. A standing fan comes with 3 oscillating blades. Reg. Transmitter (Remote) - Used to control the fan, light and sometimes reverse operations. … Part of the switch housing and wiring harness. All rights reserved. Keep cool where ever you are in Jamaica with a low-cost fan. Trim Ring - Decorative ring that covers the canopy screws. Motor - The heart of the fan consisting of the armature, bearings, windings, rotor, stator and shaft. Medium speeds range from 100 to 115, and high speeds hit 180 to 200. The one small downside is that it takes up some space on your floor. Replacement Parts include Replacement Fan Blades for Global Blower Fans, Replacement Fan Grilles for Global Wall/Ceiling, Blower, Pedestal, and Workstaion Fans, Replacement Bases for Global Pedestal Fans, … Isolators - Rubber spacers used to provide a cushion for the ceiling plate against the ceiling in order to to dampen the noise caused by the ceiling plate vibrating off the ceiling. Break Away Connector - Connects the fandangle and chain to the chain from the fan. Hanger Bracket - Mounting hardware which threads onto a pipe (downrod); commonly found in the Hunter Original Fan. Motor Housing (Fan Housing) - Decorative outer casing for the motor that cannot be opened or it will void the warranty. The spindle, which ends in a free-spinning piece of magnetized iron, is known as the rotor. Sealed and not replaceable. $10.49. offers 11,004 parts of stand fan products. 2 series fans. the sticks and guards – the support for the leaf. Bottom Cover (Case Cover) - Decorative cover on the bottom of the motor which normally has slots or holes. Some fans include a downrod, which suspends the fan from the ceiling. More air can be distributed to a larger crowd if the fan happens to be an oscillating fan--meaning that it turns from side to side, changing the direction of its air current. They are much shorter than a ceiling fan has. It is the device that connects the motor to the fan blades – without it, your fan would simply not work as the blades and the rest of the fan would be two different pieces. This standing fan by Lasko is a solid choice that won't cost a lot. However, a device with larger blades creates more powerful airflow. Tower fan Switch Housing - Cup attached to the bottom of the motor that contains the key electrical systems and controls. Grille Filter - Motor mesh used to cover holes or slots in the fans bottom cover. Standing fan’s parts were made to fit together after the assembling, the parts were also made for easy disassembling for the purpose of storage or maintenance. The fan blade is attached to a spindle which extends into the motor. The fan consists of 3 basic parts: base; extendable pole; fan head. Most new Hunter fans use LED light bulbs because they are more durable and energy efficient than other light bulb technologies. Commonly used in the Hunter Original. Motor Adapter - Used to attach the downrod to the motor housing at the top of the motor. Myy Brand Wall Exhaust Fan Chimney Vent Pipe Cover Mosquito Net Dust Controller White 6 Inch. Typically, it might be made of ivory, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, bone, sandalwood, fruitwood, lacquer, metal or plastic. You Save: 61 (16%) 5000 off on ICICI AMEX Credit Card EMI; 1500 off on HSBC Credit … Typically, it might be made of ivory, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, bone, sandalwood, fruitwood, lacquer, metal or plastic. Older homes may not have ceiling fan approved outlet boxes so an electrician is required to install them. Receiver - Portion of the remote system within the fan that receives the signal from the remote. You can find brands such as KDK, Mistral, Panasonic and many others. Luckily, a German manufacturer called Rowenta, designed and manufactured a stand fan that with a push of a button can help you during hot summer days without standing up. Filet: Thumb piece attached to the guards at the pivot pin/rivet that acts as an ornamental reinforcement. Inside the motor, there are two parts. Installers Choice - Hunter Fan Company's exclusive 3-position mounting system. These parts must be removed before installation and kept for future use. Not the same as RPMs. The oscillator is a mechanism that motions the fan from side to side. Leaf/Mount: The part above the gorge, made from pleatable material and fixed to the ribs. Quick Connect Plug Connectors (Upper or Lower Plug Connector) -8 or 9 pin male or female plug (molex) used to attach all of the wiring from the fans motor to the wires inside the fan's switch housing (wire harness). Typically, it might be made of leather, paper or a wide variety of textiles, including lace.

parts of a standing fan

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