The Pizza ontology is a well-known OWL ontology tutorial. ... We’ll start with the first example . The Margherita pizza is modelled as subclass of NamedPizza, originating from Italy and must have exactly the toppings Tomato and Mozzarella, here shown in Manchester syntax: – General open‐source ontology modeling system with OWL plug‐in – Use the 3.4 beta ... As Pizza is a subclass of the restriction, all Pizzas must satisfy the restriction that they have at least one base from PizzaBase . An ontology describes the types, properties and relationships between entities of a particular domain. The pizza ontology is a well-known ontology in the semantic web community. And of cause you can order a tasty pizza! Searching for Pizza Ontology Example information? The A Practical Guide to Building OWL Ontologies tutorial, version V1.3 works properly with Protege 5.0 up to the 4.11 Automated Classification item.Of course the figures and the nomenclature are are slightly different. That way, if we have PizzaMargherita1 --hasTopping--> Chilli --hasSpicyness--> Hot we also get PizzaMargherita1 --hasSpicyness--> Hot. It is developed for educational purposes by the University of Manchester, which is a leading university in the development of semantic technologies. There are many ontology editors for example, protégé, onto Edit that allow developers to edit ontologies focus-ing on the protégé, currently there are two versions avail-able to download and it is an open source developed us-ing java. 7.3.3 RDFS: RDF Schema. The property hierarchy of the Pizza ontology is not very wide, but another example would be: hasIngredient o hasSpicyness SubPropertyChainOf hasSpicyness. The ontology models the domain of pizzas and contains many specific types of pizzas, such as Margherita. 1The Ontology that we will create is based upon a Pizza Ontology that has been used as the basis for a course on editing Some information. More detailed in section 2. For example, consider a pizza ontology. You are in the right place. allows information about the ontology to be specified. So find info and order pizza online! ‘Toppings’ has three subclasses: (1) meat, (2) vegetable, and (3) cheese. RDFS is the schema language for RDF. Within this ontology, there is a class called ‘pizza’, defined as a thing with a crust and toppings (note that sauce is optional, as there are some pizzas which lack sauce, such as white pizzas). For example, the ontology URI can be changed, annotations on the ontology such as comments may be added and edited, and namespaces and imports can be set up via this tab. The pizza.owl ontology describes different kinds of pizza like vegetarian pizza or meaty pizza. It allows specifying a number of useful constraints on the individuals and relationships used in RDF triplets. pizza.owl or camera.owl as examples ontologies; 2. At you can find everything you want to know about Pizza Ontology Example. Unfortunately, in the item 4.11 of the Protege tutorial it was created the owl: Nothing class highlighting inconsistencies in the Pizza ontology. The pizza ontology and a tutorial that uses it is found at We will rely on the pizza example for: a better formalization of the domain knowledge leveraging OWL­DL reasoning capabilities for an easier curation of the ontology an overview of some good practice.

ontology example pizza

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