This is the one destination that’s really popular, yet made the cut in this list because of its sheer beauty. Use a thermal base layer (available in most clothing stores) and then add on a t-shirt, a jacket, think pants, gloves, socks, scarves and a cute matching woolen monkey cap. It is a unique city, in that it has many urban attractions that are nature oriented – the rock gardens, Sukhna lake, the famous rose gardens, and small patches of forests are only some of them. For cricket fans, there’s an international level stadium in Dharamsala. Do it the other way around for the perfect winter holiday. Just let one of the most romantic destinations in the country overwhelm you, and to do it without getting too cold, take Warmee along. How Do Self Heating Meals Work? The fenced Indo China border is usually covered over by snow, but its not hard to imagine the route as it used to be in the yesteryears when trading towns existed on either side of the border and it was a bustling place. Try and do this in groups, not only is it safer, it’s also a lot more fun. Yes, you read that right. These activities can be equally fun when done in groups, reconnecting with your family; or alone, just catching your breath. If you’re tired of crowded destinations like Simla, then Kufri is perfect for you. Imagine an evening of chat, laughter and great heaps of warming food with your friends. Wait 10-12 minutes and you've got yourself a hot meal. WARMEE RECOMMENDS: Lambasingi isn’t a developed tourist spot yet, so don’t look for plenty of stay options and a guidebook of things to do there. There are some interesting events, such as the annual Festival of Gardens in February, which has a lot to offer in the way of traditional dance and some beautiful music as well. Searing hot temperatures scorch most of India through summer and even in the months of September and October. Its essential Tibetan-ness, overlaid with its local Hindu roots makes it a fascinating blend of two similar, yet diverse cultures. Experience and learn more about WARMEE at There are only two rules to dressing right in the winter. Barocook Pouch COOK A MEAL ANYTIME ANYWHERE (MRE) Barocook flameless system, revolutionary cookware suits anyone like traveler camper or outdoor enthusiasts. So try Char Dham this season, if you want a religious experience, a spiritually uplifting experience, or just a re-energizing holiday. Whip up some tasty dishes this winter and serve them piping hot at the dining table. 6. Kufri is the perfect place for you to make base, and then to trek and hike through the numerous mountain trails in the area, with Warmee to keep you company. Product review: Warmee self heating pouch Product review: Warmee self heating pouch Interview: Hyundai India's Tarun Garg on the future of diesel … So here’s how to stay warm while riding in the winter this year. So don’t hesitate to ride this winter. Though more commonly associated with Norway, the midnight Sun effects in Greenland are unparalleled. Action Pack Kits contain a main meal, spoon and the self-heating pouch (approximately 400 calories). About 0% of these are Cosmetic Bags & Cases. In this report, growth opportunities for the self-heating food packaging market are analyzed. A self heating food container as claimed in any one of the preceding Claims, wherein said liquid impermeable membrane is formed by an aluminium pouch. Warmee can be extremely handy, so tuck some into your blankets before curling up to sleep in the light of a night lamp. Omealsare fully cooked self-heating backpacking meals. Winter camping trips are the stuff of legend. What’ll really help this winter is of course- WARMEE.  Slip in  WARMEE in the folds of your kid’s clothes where they feel cold and uncomfortable – chest, torso, gloves and socks. This winter is going to be the happiest, healthiest time your family has ever had! Email us at and tell us! You should ideally carry a light rain jacket for this season, and you may want to invest in a pouch or two of Warmee as well, if not a full stash. Warmee can help you stay warm when you workout outdoors, and exercising has the additional benefit of staving off those winter colds and flu’s. More simply, it has great food, some beautiful places to stay and plenty of things to do if you’re planning to stop over for a few days. Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch 400mm x 600mm 200 pcs Literature You can access the documents by clicking bold link. McLeod Ganj is the seat of the Tibetan ‘government-in-exile’ and the residence of the His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. Winter is commonly a time of cold and other flu-type illnesses. This one is simple. And yes, don’t forget to tak WARMEE along with you! A surprise entry at No.5, Lambasingi is in Andhra Pradesh! Remember to stay warm – wrap up well and carry along a few pouches of Warmee for those twilight evenings! Within 12 minutes of steaming, your Asian rice dish is ready for your enjoyment. Some of the things you can do in Gulmarg include Gondola rides, Pony rides, Hiking, Skiiing, Trekking, and Photography in the Himalayas. In India, the fact is that kids are probably exposed to the extreme cold and winds far more than you are, and so need to be prepared more. In fact, in a recent metamorphosis, Chandigarh has, over the last few years, woken up to the beauty of Sufi music and promotes it actively, with plenty of Sufi music bands featuring in the city’s nightlife! Self-heating. Dog sledding, a popular activity in Greenland, isn’t that easy to come by in other places either. WARMEE: Packets of WARMEE have a huge advantage, they can be slipped in anywhere. Designed in the form of a giant hand made from metal sheets that rotates like a weathercock, indicating the direction of wind, the significance of open hand is that it conveys the social message of peace and unity that is “open to give & open to receive”. Many visitors claim that the effects are rejuvenating and meditative as well. Critical boundary temperature for thermal runaway increases with battery pile thickness. This complex is a must visit, and the Tibetan Museum (that showcases the history of Tibet) is a mesmerizing experience. However, the one thing you should consider before making a trip is the weather in Uttarakhand, or more specifically, the weather in the Char Sham circuit. Have something to add? Don’t forget to keep Warmee handy for all the kids to snuggle down with, when it’s past their bedtime! So this winter, with a little common sense (and WARMEE) let your kids enjoy themselves. Air-activated body warmer. Included with each Omealare a heating element, a utensil bundle (spoon, napkin, salt, and pepper), and a silver food pouch. A: To heat your HeaterMeals Pouch Entree (in HeaterMeals EX Self-Heating Entrees & HeaterMeals 3 Self-Heating Meal Kits) simply place the pre-cooked, sealed entree in the Food Heater Bag, pour the enclosed packet of water If you live in a place where winters are mild, don’t worry, you can still experience the best of winter by just taking short drives! A revolutionary self-heating pouch, WARMEE provides up to 8 hours of continuous warmth, without any external source of heating. Can These Be Dangerous? Did you know that one of the best ways to stay warm is to exercise? A list of places to visit in McLeod Ganj will include the Tsulagkhang– which contains the official residence of the Dalai Lama, the Namgyal Gompa (monastery), the shrine rooms, and the Tibetan Museum. These temples nestling in the footholds of the Himalayas are awe-inspiring, and the scenery is mesmerizing. There are Char Dham tours available from most major tour operators. If visiting museums, learning more about local culture, and doing a lot of walking and sightseeing on a holiday is your thing, put Dharamsala on your list immediately. In 10 to 20 minutes, your Try not to travel to Char Dham during the rains as there is a real risk of landslides and roads de-stabilizing. Plan a visit there to see a place of historic importance as it used to be one of the key passes along the Silk Route. cool places to visit on the planet! However, today, they’re so popular that they’re primarily referred to as Char Dham. Over the years, McLeod Ganj has evolved into an interesting melting pot of Tibetan Government authorities, refugees, visitors from all over the world and locals. Dec 17, 2012 - Self-heating/self-cooling stand-up pouch from ScaldoPack. Chandigarh is popularly known to be one of the best planned cities of India, but there is more to the city than just that. The Open Hand is located in Sector 1 in the Capitol Complex. With new advanced technology from Tempra, consumers can enjoy hot, hand-held food and beverages. However, after 7 pm, riding in winter can be tortuous, and early mornings are a nightmare of the fog. The state runs over 15 national parks within its boundaries and you can visit any of them to see grizzly bears, moose and a number of other animals and marine mammals. For travellers, trekkers, backpackers and riders who are planning trips in North India, our advice is to take the time off to visit Chandigarh, since you’ll certainly pass through it! Study self-ignition of open-circuit pouch Li-ion battery via the classical hot-plate test. Insulated boundary reduces the self-ignition temperature of the battery pile by 20 K. Waterproof: You may not have tried this before, but your waterproof gear works as well against cold as it does against rain. And for the tourist, the city is just that, “open to give & open to receive”. In addition, Gulmarg boasts of so many activities that you will be hard-pressed for time to do them all. Heated Grips: This is exactly what it sounds like. You can also choose from pvc, laminated material self heating food pouch bag, as well as from zipper top Winter is on its way, and while some of you may actually enjoy winters here in India, for the rest of you, our natural inclination is to turn into hermits. The stadium was the venue for two IPL matches as it is a home stadium for the Kings XI Punjab. Re-opened for trade in 2006, it is only a day trip away from Gangtok, which is in itself a charming town to visit. Optimum temperature and warmth within 10-15 minutes, WARMEE: Hand Warmer (For Hands and Feet) 3 Pairs, WARMEE: Body Warmer (for body) Pack of 5 Warmees. It is also a gateway to Himachal Pradesh, since you can reach hill stations like Kasauli, Chail and Shimla within a few hours of exiting the city. A good time to visit McLeod Ganj is the summer – after March. Winter is here and you’ve probably already started using the warm clothes that you stored away in March. The Kayak is actually a cultural symbol in Inuit culture and Kayaking is also a great option if you’re a water person. Too many of us tend to curl up in warm blankets the minute the weather takes a downward turn. Or do something a little audacious – join a dance class and show off your new moves at all those winter weddings and parties! No words can capture the beauty of its sweeping avenues, wide boulevards, and its cityscape, in which trees and plants are as much a part of construction plans as much as the buildings and the roads. Image courtesy: Skip Dehradun and head straight to Auli from Jolly Grant airport this winter for some really cool Ski thrills. Instantaneous heat generation. Whatever the season of your visit, Dharamsala has something for everyone. Conceptualized and Established in 2001 by a team of chemical engineers from India’s foremost engineering Institutes, with more than 15 years of domain experience, Mumbai based Pantheon PharmChem has been in the manufacturing Industry for over a decade. There’s something magical about winter evenings, and to ride in them, while watching the Sun set is a great privilege. Self-Heating Pouch Entree (50% larger than MRE Entrees and Lower Sodium Content than MREs) Cutlery Pack with Spoon, Napkin, Moist Towelette, Salt, Pepper, and Salt Free Seasonings to Season to your taste! So there you have it, our list of Must Visit Cold Places on the planet! Heater meals – originally developed for military use – are ready-made self-heating meal packs. Its also easy to get! HEATER MEALS - Self-Heating Tray & Pouch Wet Pack Meals - better than MRE's. Visit Greenland for a variety of ‘not to be found elsewhere’ kind of experiences. Ration-X ® self-heating field ration is a complete, ready-to-eat, self-heating meal plus snacks, dessert and powdered drink providing 1300 calories.

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