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When we embarked on redesigning the latest mobile e-commerce shopping experience, we took a different approach this time. Instead of porting over the desktop functionality into a format suitable for a smaller device, we designed around behaviors and environments.

First we identified the most common, core tasks of finding products, completing product research, and checkout. We then optimized these tasks in the context of where the customer would be using the app. When do people pull out their phones? Many times it's while waiting in line at Starbucks, or some other moment when they have only a few minutes. We designed for these situations by placing quick links to Order History, Daily Email Deals or Recently Viewed Items near the top of the homepage.

Another important feature added in this latest version is a synchronized shopping cart. If you have added an item to your shopping cart on the desktop version at work, you could pickup your shopping on the mobile web or mobile app. No need to start shopping all over again.  

As Newegg expands globally, the shopping experience on mobile devices will become increasingly more important. Many developing countries have skipped the desktop PC entirely making phones and tablets the primary personal computer.

Android Mobile App
Version 4

Designed following the latest Material Design principals, notable functionality includes push notifications, a customizable homepage, and product barcode scan and search.

iOS Mobile App
Version 5

Notable features added with minor version updates include global navigation refinements, push notifications, Force Touch, Apple Pay and Apple Business Chat integrations.

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